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People often wonder, with thousands of adoptable animals being euthanized every day, why do so many people continue to purchase their pets?

Take a look below for the top 6 reasons to choose adoption when looking to add an animal to your life / family.

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You will save an animal from an uncertain fate.

Each person who adopts a pet from a shelter or rescue rather than buying one from a breeder or pet store is helping to lower the number of euthanizations.


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You can help prove common misconceptions wrong.

There is a large stigma that adopting an animal brings on unnecessary problems or issues. But not all animals are in the shelters due to behavioural problems.

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You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Like humans, pets learn quickest and most easily when they are young. However, with time, patience and consistency an animal of any age can learn new tricks, habits and rules.

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Low cost, with everything included in the price.

Adoption fees are typically a lot cheaper than purchasing a dog from a breeder, and to help with overpopulation shelters and rescue take care of the spaying and neutering before adoption.

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Adoption is mindful and compassionate.

Adopting a pet is a mindful decision of adopting and caring for a pet who may otherwise have been euthanized will change your life forever.


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Leading by example to the
next generation.

Pet adoption is a great way to show compassion and teach next generations the benefits of adoption. Showing that there are other options available other than purchasing a dog from a breeder.

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