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Create a canine-focused, animal welfare organization to ensure quality care and treatment of animals through intervention, education, and outreach.

Create a partnership with local communities as well as surrounding areas, to provide a reputable facility for the care and rehabilitation of all dogs and other animals that come into rescue.

Educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering, by creating a low-cost spay and neuter program for the general public. Increase awareness about backyard breeding, puppy mills, and how to properly care and train for your animal.

Provide a safe place for all animals to rest, when the world has failed them.

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An update on the rescue, October 2020.

Sato Saved End of the Line Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation is a privately run home and foster-based rescue located in the Brantford area, but extending all over Ontario and beyond.


We take in dogs that are at the "end of the line" or extreme risk/medical cases and some behavioural cases if we have space and foster ability.


Formerly co-owned the past 3-years, however, moving forward into 2021 Deandra Camara has chosen to move her rescue mission North to the Bancroft area and rescue on her terms and has ended the partnership, I am sad to see her go, but we have different goals here and it was easier for her to go separate ways.


Here at Sato Saved End of the line dog rescue, we specialize in raising litters with mamas with behavioural issues, ensuring post whelp spays, hand raising orphans, and neonatals with health issues. We also give priority to fearful and timid dogs who are declining in shelters.


We strongly believe in creating a proper foundation at an early age to avoid adolescent dogs being surrendered with a lack of training. Breaking the shelter/surrender cycle is very important to us and training, socializing, and raising your dog right from the start avoids so many issues/risks in the future.


We provide lifetime support to all our adoptive families and have a wonderful community support system that helps us fund our missions.

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