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We want to thank you for considering the adoption of a rescued animal. 
Adoption is an exciting, rewarding, and fun experience for the whole family.

Our adoptable page is updated regularly with the dogs that we feel are ready to find their forever families. While they are in our care, we have been working tirelessly to get them ready to succeed in the next chapter of their lives.

All of the dogs leaving our care are...

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Behaviour and temperament tested.

It is very important for us to test every dog that comes into our care so that we can determine the best forever home scenario that fits the dog's personality and traits.

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Examined by a vet and treated
for any medical conditions.

We want as much information as possible about any dog that enters our care, and getting them fully vetted is the next step so we are aware of any medical conditions.

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All dogs are spayed and neutered.

Any dog that enters our care, if not already fixed will be fixed before adoption. However, if they are not old enough they will have a spay and neuter contract.

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When you adopt a rescue animal, you are not buying a pet, but accepting the responsibility to continue love and care for that animal.

We do not receive any funding and do very minimal fundraising, so the donation you give for your pet is then used to help rescue and save more animals in need.

Your donation/adoption fee covers; vetting, spay or neuter (if applicable), microchip, 2 lbs of the current food for transitioning, and lifetime support.

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Available dogs in our care.

The website will be updated when we start accepting applications when the dogs are ready for adoption.

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Available dogs in our care.

The website will be updated when we start accepting applications when the puppies are ready for adoption.

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High-needs / working dogs.

These dogs featured here are in need of an active / working  home or an experienced home with the breeds. 

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Our main goal throughout the entire process is to find the perfect family for each individual animal. Not only does the potential adoptive family need to meet the needs of the specific animal, but that the animal will meet the wants and desires of that family.


The first step of the adoption process is to submit an adoption application. Click here to fill it out.


Sato Saved reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason. This questionnaire becomes part of our contract. No field should be left blank. Please respond in some way to every question on the form. Your adoption fee is due on your adoption day, it is required to complete the adoption.


Only approved adopters are given the opportunity to meet an animal in person. There is no commitment for adoption by either party until they have had an opportunity to meet and spend some time with the individual pet and it is agreed by both parties that the animal is a good choice for their situation.

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