Image by Matthew Foulds
Image by Ja San Miguel



We at Sato Saved, have an inextinguishable passion for animals. We will fight for them, we will work with them, and actively be their advocates to teach others the responsibility of pet owners.

We are a team and together we hope to change the world. One animal at a time.

Image by Ekaterina Kobalnova
Cookapoo Dog


Saving as many at-risk animals as possible...

That are in immediate need of respite due to euthanasia risk, medical needs or abandonment.


Image by Lui Peng


Educate and remove the stigma on adopting...

Want to remove any negative ideas surrounding shelter and rescue dogs.


Image by Anna Kozakova


Rescuing and fostering animals...

Of all shapes and sizes, to be their voice, advocate and life line when they are in need. 


Image by Minnie Zhou